There are two types of campaigns: newbie campaigns and veteran campaigns. Some of the following rules apply only to one type of campaign or the other. Those rules will clarify which campaigns they apply to, all other rules apply to all campaigns.

My goal with these house rules is to make a more clear and balanced D&D that is still playable in Roll20. They are not set in stone, and may change at any time. However, I will do my best not to change them in a way that screws over players.

Yes, much of this was taken from other places. Demoralizing, the exploration rules, and probably the some other things were lifted from Pathfinder. The magic item pricing rules were inspired by an article from the Angry DM. Continue reading “Dome of Heaven House Rules”

This is an outline of my idea for a campaign based on some ideas I got from Matthew Colville. The basic idea is that you want to allow the players to play the fantasy they want, and since you are putting in a lot of the work as a DM, you want to put in your ideas as well. To do that, you let the player’s help build the world by building their characters.

You start with a port city on an inland sea, like the Mediterranean. This allows for a lot of different cultures to be interacting with each other. This is called Shareport, or something similar. This will be the PCs home base to start with. Continue reading “Shareport Campaign”