About Me

I am a 50 year old retired statistician and database programmer. My last job was supervising the Consumer Product Safety Risk Management System (CPSRMS, or as I liked to call it, “Crappy Mess”), a portion of which feeds into the public database on SaferProducts.gov.

These days I play Dungeons & Dragons and work on ending mass incarceration. Playing D&D lets me live the childhood I missed because so much messed up shit was going on. On the other hand, mass incarceration seems to be the most messed up shit that is going on right now.

For D&D, I am currently running Holiday in Barovia, a Curse of Strahd campaign, as a way of getting up to speed on the fifth edition rules and the Roll20 virtual table top system. Once I’ve got a hang on that I’m thinking of running Tales of the Yawning Portal, a real retro-nostalgia campaign. I’m also working on a homebrew setting to run a campaign in: Quartzgard, City of the Sphinx.

For ending mass incarceration, I am stumbling around trying to find a way to be effective. I am currently running r/EndMassIncarceration on reddit, which includes a list of criminal justice reform organizations. I am also working on learning the Virginia General Assembly system so I can be a gadfly in the upcoming session.

Along the way I do as much computer programming as I can, because I really enjoy it. While I made a name for myself programming SAS at my old job, these days I mainly work in Python. I have a github account with various repos on it, including CLI games and an esoteric programming language that can make a computer program out of natural language text.